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Our Vision: To become a pioneer radio in the Syrian market.

Our Mission: To satisfy the customer by providing the best services in terms of technical and practical in order to live up to the best of credibility in dealing.

To cover all Syrian governorates (the coastal region through the second quarter and the central region through the third quarter), to have as much responsibility in guiding the education and communicating with all segments of Syrian people inside the lovely country Syria.

New economy is controlled by the customer. The customer today has many options and alternatives in the current market.

Version FM seeks to take a large share of the Syrian market through marketing, development and improvement.

To improve after-sales services to reach the maximum satisfaction of customer through better management of public relations

Why to advertise on the Internet?

Your ad on the Internet is close to the eye.

The Internet audience is the most outstanding… they are the young people with higher incomes, and the most educated.

It allows you to formulate your own advertising messages and to send them to their targeted audience.

Ability to reach consumers around the world very quickly.

Promotion of products and / or services at the lowest prices.

It allows to identify the customer’s concerns and trends, which contribute to raising the efficiency of the advertisement.

It increases the popularity of your commercial brand.

If you have a website, your ad on the Internet increases the flow of visitors to your site, thus:

  1. The demand for your product increases and the position of customers improves.
  2. Your ad supports the loyalty of the existing consumers to the product, and gives accurate information about your products and / or services.
  3. It keeps you more informed of the reactions of consumers against your products, which will help you for development.
  4. It achieves additional income through e-commerce, and assists in the conduct of polls.

Our Advertising Services:

  • Side Advertising Tape:

This tape appears in the left margin of each page of the site, which is the most important advertising space at our site, and the most appropriate, as the reader’s eye heads directly to the upper right corner of the page to start reading.

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